Loïc Grenié on Tue, 04 Feb 2014 14:49:09 +0100

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Re: Interfacing pari and gmp/mpfr/mpc

2014-02-04 Andreas Enge <andreas.enge@inria.fr>:
> Hello,
> finally I finished some work started during the Atelier Pari/GP in January.
> The attached package allows to switch between pari and gmp/mpfr/mpc types in
> a C program, to use the pari stack functions for allocating the mantissae
> of mpfr/mpc numbers, and to call functions from libraries relying on mpfr/mpc
> (in particular, the libraries themselves) in the GP command interpreter.
> Comments are welcome. I tested against the current git of Pari/GP; the
> package does not work with the stable version of Pari/GP.
> I kept names such as mpz_set_GEN and mpz_get_GEN, thus invading foreign
> name spaces: These would be the names used inside GMP if it depended on
> libpari and contained the corresponding functionality. There is little risk
> the names would be used for anything else.

    Hello Andreas,

    sorry to ask a stupid question, but since mp*_[sg]et_GEN are symmetric
 of one another, why not define them either


  to symmetrically invade name spaces or


  if the multiprecision library is too picky about its name space ?