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Re: Factoring small numbers

* Jeroen Demeyer [2014-05-08 18:40]:
> While working on Sage today, I was very amazed that GAP is much faster than
> PARI for factoring small numbers.
> For example, for factoring 19180172397815991981, GAP beats PARI by a factor
> of about 20. As far as I know, PARI uses rho + MPQS while GAP only uses
> Pollard rho. So perhaps PARI shouldn't use MPQS for numbers of this size.
> Any opinions?

Benchmarking the factorization of a single small integer is not very
useful. Can you try a set of about 1000 "random" integers of the same
size ? (and share your benchmark code :-)

You can play with

  factor(a, n)   \\ that's for trial division
  factorint(a, combinations of flags 1/2/4/8)

to see if disabling particular factorization engines helps.

N.B. For your original example, it doesn't help: I got nowhere near
a factor 20, at most 30% improvement (by trying settings that were
quite harmful on average for 65-bit integers, up to 3 x slowdown :-).

N.B.2 Your example is about 4 times slower than the average time 
to factor a (uniform) 65-bit integer. (For which lots of factors are
found via trial division, of course.)


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