Karim Belabas on Mon, 12 May 2014 14:15:39 +0200

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Re: More thue() troubles in master/2.5.5 after the roots patch

* Georgi Guninski [2014-05-12 13:36]:
> As of now yesterday's bugs appears fixed in master.
> You might consider improving your
> quality assurance process ;)

That's the whole point of the 'master' (aka testing branch). From the FAQ:

  "nothing is guaranteed, although everything usually works. Large sections of
  code are modified, features appear or are cancelled, interfaces change
  according to the feedback we receive, many bugs are fixed and new ones sneak
  in. Eventually, the testing version coalesces into a stable one, and a new
  testing branch is started."

Wrt quality assurance, we do what we can: support on mailing lists & private
mail, public bug tracking system, continuous integration with public benches
& code coverage analysis, etc. I'm open to suggestions bearing in mind 
the paucity of ressources (the equivalent of 2 full-time developpers, say,
for everything PARI-related).

Right now we're developping lots of new features (and about ten branches are
currently waiting for a merge), which means less time for testing and quality

Thanks for submitting bug reports ! :-)


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