Jean-Pierre Flori on Fri, 05 Dec 2014 17:37:15 +0100

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Re: Problem with Flx_ffisom function

2014-12-05 17:32 GMT+01:00 Karim Belabas <>:
> * Jean-Pierre Flori [2014-12-05 17:22]:
>> Isn't "f" a polynomial over Z?
> If is (more precisely a ZX or FpX: a t_POL with t_INT coefficients),
> hence not an Flx (a t_VECSMALL with 1 codeword and ulong coefficients).
Ok, I was just realizing that thinking that Flx_ffisom must expect the
coeffs to be small.

> You're correctly converting from ZX_to_Flx here, before applying an
> Flx_* function:
>          i = Flx_is_irred(ZX_to_Flx(f, l), l);
Yes, I checked that your suggestion indeed works.

> You must do the same before Flx_ffisom.

The only fix on your side should then be to modify the doc.
At the moment it just says "same as FpX_ffisom" and that one eats
polynomials with multiprecision coeffs.


Jean-Pierre Flori