Bill Allombert on Wed, 25 Mar 2015 13:05:59 +0100

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bnfinit new record: degree 105

Dear PARI developers,

I managed to compute the bnfinit of a degree-105 polynomial, namely
polsubcyclo(211,105) which define the field  Q(zeta_211)^+

which is named cm/211 in my collezione.

The discriminant of the number field is 

This is both the highest degree and largest discriminant bnfinit succeeded on.

The class number is 1 and the regulator is 3.706163881210687671991647261 e88

The successful run took 1 hours and 14 minutes.

I did not need to tweak bnfinit. It seems bnfinit is well-suited to the 
fields Q(zeta_p)^+.