Gottfried Helms on Tue, 09 Feb 2016 12:54:34 +0100

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Console-interaction scheme changed since version 2.4 and is since no more functional for my Pari/GP-GUI (Windows)

Dear friends -

 in 2005 or so I wrote a GUI-environment for Pari/GP (version 2.2.11)
 using Delphi 6 which called Pari/GP as (invisible) subprocess, communicating
 via Windows-console piping (like in emacs with the Pari/GP commandline-option
 This Utility/GUI ("PariTTY") is a big success for me and a couple of
 users, but with the version 2.4 or 2.5 things changed and the
 low-level communication fails. Actually I evaluated the "prompt" in
 the Pari/GP-output to find when an (asynchronuous) communication/an output
 was ended.

 While the console-modus is still working with version 2.7.4 I can,
 whatever I do, not receive the GP-prompt. Surprisingly, in a simple,
 ordinary windows-cmd-console the dialog is ok, including the GP-prompt.

 The likely relevant change seems to be that since version 2.5 or so
 I don't see the cygwin.dll in the directories.

 So my question is, how I could reactivate the communicativity of my
 PariTTY-GUI to be able to adapt the version to the increasing versions
 of Pari/GP itself.
 Alternatively, could there be another commandline-parameter introduced,
 which switches to a modus, which postfixes each GP-output with the GP-prompt
 via the STDOUT?

 (Or is there an even better idea to perform interaction without
 using the complete pari-lib API?)

Thanks in advance -

Gottfried Helms