Doug Torrance on Thu, 19 May 2016 20:58:25 +0200

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GMP memory allocation and Macaulay2


Currently, PARI sets the GMP memory allocation functions in pari_kernel_init(). However, this may cause problems for applications which use both the PARI and GMP libraries such as Macaulay2. Building Macaulay2 against unpatched GMP and PARI libraries causes segmentation faults.

Currently, Macaulay2 builds its own GMP (actually MPIR, a drop-in replacement) in which mp_set_memory_functions() does nothing. This is not ideal, however. For example, this is the main problem keeping Macaulay2 out of Debian, as it cannot be built with the current Debian GMP and PARI packages. (See [1] for some discussion on this matter.)

Would it be possible to remove the calls to mp_set_memory_functions() from PARI?

Doug Torrance