Bill Allombert on Wed, 22 Mar 2017 22:27:54 +0100

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Please test pari-2.9.2 prerelease 1

Dear PARI developers,

We have made available a prerelease of PARI 2.9.2 (stable).

This is a large update, so please test throughly.
The expected release date is set to the 05/04/2017.

(Note that https is now available)

Please test the prerelease tarball:

The digital signature is 

Please test the 64bit windows installer:

This release should fix problem on windows 64 when using very large

I have also built the 32bit Windows installer:

and the following standalone Windows binaries:



and the following MacOS DMG:


and the following MacOS stand-alone binary:

Bug numbers refer to the BTS at

Done for version 2.9.2 (released 5/4/2017):
[last column crossreferences current development release 2.10.0]
      1- ZG_normalize destroyed its input                                 [F11]
      2- [install] prototype code D0,U, did not work                      [F12]
BA    3- use of complex default function argument could lead to error     [F13]
      4- factorpadic(2*x^4+x^2,2,2) -> division by 0 [#1876]              [F14]
      5- incgam(110, I) very inaccurate                                   [F15]
BA    6- ellinit over number field was not compatible with generic ops.   [F16]
BA    7- [breakloop] dbg_up could confuse the breakloop                   [F17]
HC    8- sumnummonieninit(,,a);sumnummonien(n = a, ...) with a > 1 wrong  [F18]
      9- sumnummonieninit([a,b], t_CLOSURE) => incorrect initialization   [F19]
     10- lngamma(1+epsilon) much slower than in 2.7; eg. 10^-4 at \p200   [F20]
BA   11- lfun(...,t_SER,n>=1) returned a wrong result                     [F21]
     12- lfun(,, negative derivation order) => internal bug               [F22]
BA   13- ellidentify: check curve is over Q                               [F24]
     14- gdivgs(t_RFRAC,s) could create invalid objects                   [F25]
     15- chareval(G,chi,x,[[...], o]) didn't work (off-by-1)              [F26]
     16- polsturm(x^2-1,[-1,1]) -> SEGV [#1884]                           [F27]
     17- typo in description of "call" symbolic operator [ _(_) ]         [F28]
PB   18- matinverseimage could find spurious solutions [#1888]            [F29]
     19- ellsea could leak variables (=> "no more variables" error)       [F30]
     20- ellsea leaked clones                                             [F31]
     21- 1/x - 1/x returned gen_0 (instead of Pol(0))                     [F32]
     22- printf("%d",factor(2*3*5*7)) => SEGV                             [F33]
     23- bnrinit(bnf,idealfactor(bnf,1)) -> SEGV [#1890]                  [F35]
BA   24- lfuncreate([1,0,[0],1,1,1,1]) -> SEGV (invalid input)            [F36]
     25- thue(imaginary quadratic of disc -3f^2, n) could return half-int [F37]
BA   26- [libpari] Z_ZV_mod caused gerepile error                         [F38]
     27- bestappr(1+0.*I) -> 1 + 0*I instead of 1                         [F39]
     28- memory corruption in qfminim [#1894]                             [F40]
     29- polylog(x) used realprecision accuracy instead of precision(x)   [F41]
     30- exp or log(I*1.0) used realprecision instead of precision(x)     [F42]
PB   31- M = ffgen(2017^3)*[0, 1; 0, 0]; M^-1 -> SEGV   [#1887]           [F43]
BA   32- lfun(lfungenus2(...),...) was much slower than intended          [F44]
BA   33- nfsubfields(polcyclo(88), 20) -> wrong result  [#1892]           [F45]
BA   34- [mpi] dynamically linking with libpari did not work              [F46]
     35- sin(1 + 1.0*I) used realprecision accuracy instead of            [F47]
         precision(x); same for cos, tan, arg, expm1, sinc.
HIL  36- polclass could access invalid memory                             [F49]
     37- nfvalrem() overflowed in case of negative valuation              [F51]
     38- ellminimalmodel over number field could divide by zero   [#1899] [F52]
     39- incorrect GC in nfgcd [#1903]                                    [F53]
     40- missing GC in rnfisabelian                                       [F54]
     41- missing GC in vectorsmall                                        [F56]
BA   42- missing GC in idealramgroups                                     [F57]
BA   43- ellweilpairing failed for supersingular curves in char 2 [#1910] [F58]

On behalf of the PARI group,
Bill and Karim