Kevin Ryde on Thu, 11 Dec 2014 08:40:35 +0100

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Bill Allombert <> writes:
> ? component(f,5)
> %2 = ["x","x^2+1"]

Looks promising.  Is there a list of the arg names without default value
expressions?  Eg. just "x,y,z" from something like

    foo(x,y=2*x+1,z=5) = fibonacci(x)*fibonacci(y)*fibonacci(z);
    ["x,y=2*x+1,z=5", "fibonacci(x)*fibonacci(y)*fibonacci(z)"]

A list of arg names and expressions individually rather than in a single
string could also suit.

(I have to confess to hardly using default args, and I don't think I've
memoized any, but the idea was for convenience and generality. :-)