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RE: Question about gcc 3.4.3 failing to compile endian.c on solaris 10 sparc


You're absolutely right.  Thank you for showing me where to find that.

cat config-sparcv9-solaris14402.log
This file contains messages produced while configuring
to aid debugging if Configure makes a mistake. Command line was
  > ./Configure

/usr/sfw/bin/gcc -o solaris-sparcv9-ansi14402 ansi.c
/usr/sfw/bin/gcc -o solaris-sparcv9-gnu14402 gnu.c
/usr/sfw/bin/gcc -fast -fsimple=1 -xalias_level=any endian.c -o solaris-sparcv9-endian14402
gcc: language alias_level=any not recognized
ld: fatal: file endian.c: unknown file type
ld: fatal: file processing errors. No output written to solaris-sparcv9-endian14402
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I removed the -xalias_level=any from get_cc, and that revealed that gcc also didn't like -fast and -fsimple=1.  Removed those too, and I got a compile but no link. Tried to link, and found that linker didn't like -KPIC in get_dlcflags, which is no surprise since that's an Oracle Studio command line flag and I'm running straight gcc/ld and not studio.  Removed -KPIC, and now I have other more fun cascading errors.  I'll keep working through them, and ask again if I get stuck.

If you're curious, the error I'm getting now (got a couple hundred of them like this) are:

In file included from /usr/openwin/share/include/X11/XKBlib.h:35,
                 from ../src/graph/plotX.c:31:
/usr/openwin/share/include/X11/extensions/XKBstr.h:77: error: syntax error before "Bool"
/usr/openwin/share/include/X11/extensions/XKBstr.h:77: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union

Thanks again for the help!

Gary Diehl

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There should be a file config*.log created by Configure with the exact compiler invocation and error.