Bill Allombert on Sun, 22 Nov 2015 19:25:12 +0100

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Re: Vector of args

On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 05:02:41PM +1100, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> A printf is unlikely to be many args of course.  If that case is
> important I still like a vstrprintf for efficiency or clarity (cut out
> the middle man, and some use from C).  Or a yet further way would be a
> flag in call to select vector ending with a vector variant, so args can
> be presented unambiguously but whichever fashion the caller likes best.

We would need to add too many vxxx function.

I wonder if you would not be much happier if you could define
wrappers of closures while keeping the same arity instead of creating
variadic wrappers (which were not meant for that purpose).

> In any case I notice a small seg fault presently (with a little irony
> that it's by a form I would like to make a call ... :-)
>     call(Strprintf, ["%d", 10])
>     =>
>     ***   at top-level: call(Strprintf,["%d"
>     ***                 ^--------------------
>     ***   in function call: Strprintf
>     ***                     ^---------
>     *** Strprintf: bug in PARI/GP (Segmentation Fault), please report.

Ah yes, I did not consider this case. It should be fixed now.

Thanks for finding this issue!