Kevin Ryde on Tue, 23 Feb 2016 08:37:22 +0100

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Bill Allombert <> writes:
> ? recurrence_guess(v)=denominator(bestapprPade(Ser(v)));

Ah.  That'll be something big on a non-recurrence will it, so check the
result against extra values held back?  Or give them but say a limit?

    bestapprPade(Ser( vector(100,n,n!) ))
    => big

Is it normally quicker?  I saw Charles Greathouse had qflll() too, but I
didn't know what relative merit.  (Except that also possible lindep()
seemed much slower for "not found".)

I want, I think, inputs exact, possibly complex or quads, if that makes
a difference.  My own use has only been recurrences up to about 100
terms, found from maybe 300 or 400 input values.