Neill Clift on Fri, 30 Dec 2016 06:17:41 +0100

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Getting a very large polynomial into pari/gp

I want to do a gcd with two polynomials with 16 million coefficients mod 
a large 64 bit prime.
Playing with gp with some sparse polynomials it looks like it can do the 
If I try to read in a dense polynomial of large size though gp overflows 
its stack (runs out of thread stack space, not a buffer overflow or gp 
I assume your parser is putting a lot of data on the thread stack.
I am using a command like this:

gp > a = read("")

I am doing this on windows.
Is there some kind of raw read or similar that will let me get a large 
polynomial into gp? I can put the data into different formats rather 
than the symbolic format I am trying currently.