Kevin Ryde on Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:37:57 +0200

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Re: Output from long running computations and emacs mode

Watson Ladd <> writes:
> I am working on a script that takes a minute or two to run some
> calculations.  When I run gp in the shell on the script, the output
> appears as the calculation goes on.  When I run gp through the emacs
> mode, the output appears all at once as the calculation finishes.

Pariemacs?  Yes, normally it waits for gp to return to the prompt, which
is good for typeahead.  The easiest is to C-g to stop waiting, in which
case gp continues and you do other things in emacs.  If you want to
interrupt gp then C-c in its buffer (same as control-C outside emacs).

I've got a diff I've been meaning to propose to Olivier to display gp
output as it arrives, so you see progress while emacs waits.  I've found
it good for a loop of prints taking a few seconds.  For a few minutes
you'd still want to C-g out and let gp go on.

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