Shevek on Sun, 15 Oct 2017 20:17:31 +0200

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SIDH application made with PARI/GP

I've created an application to play around the quantum-resistant
algorithm SIDH [1] as a proof of concept. It uses Edwards curves, so
I've named it SIDHeD

It is fully programmed in PARI/GP, with addition of a bash script for
(almost) automated CLI operation.

It is here:

It is a git repository, so it can be cloned, browsed, etc. For people
who does not use git here is a tarball:

There are library files that have the form "sidhed_*.gp" and can be used
straightly from a gp session (see the documentation).

So, I'd like to receive feedback about the code: flaws, optimizations,
etc. The code can be freely distributed and reused.


[1] -

Shevek (shevek at