Code coverage tests

This page documents the degree to which the PARI/GP source code is tested by our public test suite, distributed with the source distribution in directory src/test/. This is measured by the gcov utility; we then process gcov output using the lcov frond-end.

We test a few variants depending on Configure flags on the machine (x86_64 architecture), and agregate them in the final report:

The target is to exceed 90% coverage for all mathematical modules (given that branches depending on DEBUGLEVEL or DEBUGMEM are not covered). This script is run to produce the results below.

LCOV - code coverage report
Current view: top level - basemath - volcano.c (source / functions) Hit Total Coverage
Test: PARI/GP v2.12.0 lcov report (development 23348-5caea72e3) Lines: 329 340 96.8 %
Date: 2018-12-14 05:41:32 Functions: 22 22 100.0 %
Legend: Lines: hit not hit

Function Name Sort by function name Hit count Sort by hit count
Flm_Fl_polmodular_evalxy 500
common_nbr_verify 1031
surface_gcd_path 1176
descend_volcano 1836
common_nbr_corner 22080
common_nbr_pred 41181
common_nbr_pred_poly 42212
surface_gcd_cycle 58518
node_degree 70728
ascend_volcano 111173
next_surface_nbr 115851
nhbr_polynomial 124586
surface_parallel_path 154740
common_nbr 176820
j_level_in_volcano 178916
random_distinct_neighbours_of 179163
surface_path 182897
enum_roots 183502
extend_path 244904
is_j_exceptional 316709
get_nbrs 21812823
Flx_remove_root 28338201

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