Bill Allombert on Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:51:50 +0200

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bnfinit new record again: degree 113

Dear PARI developers,

(Sorry if this get repetitive... I did not expect to go this far so quickly.)

I managed to compute the bnfinit of a degree-113 polynomial, namely
polsubcyclo(227,113) which defines the field Q(zeta_227)^+

which is named cm/227 in my collezione.

The discriminant of the number field is
7.4971466424704670590406253784283984095 E263

This is both the highest degree and largest discriminant bnfinit succeeded on.

The class number is 1 and the regulator is 1.516491354696350386878435077 e97

The successful run took 67 hours and 39 minutes. The final stack size was 64G.

I did not need to tweak bnfinit. However, the so-called Bach constant doubled
twice before reaching the result (the initial value was 0.09891).