Andreas Holmstrom on Sat, 30 Jan 2016 21:58:35 +0100

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Re: Experimental javascript port of GP

Thanks for putting this online! 

On 22 January 2016 at 21:49, Bill Allombert <> wrote:
Dear PARI developers,
Following Bernard Parisse (the author of xcas) demo
at the Ateliers, I have built PARI/GP to _javascript_ using emscripten.

The result is a version of GP that run in your browser.
You can try it at

It has close to the same feature set as the stand-alone windows binary.
The speed depends on your web browser.
With firefox, it is about four time slower than a native binary.
(part of the slowness being due to _javascript_ missing support for
64bit integers, so PARI is compiled for 32bit).

One test is

you can time it using

(gettime() does not work)