Vincent Delecroix on Tue, 02 Aug 2016 16:02:02 +0200

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Re: latex macro

On 02/08/16 02:17, Karim Belabas wrote:
* Vincent Delecroix [2016-08-02 00:48]:
Use an up to date 'gphelp' from 'master', then a direct 'gphelp -raw' should
indeed do the trick.

The script gphtml (
uses 'gphelp -raw' + minor post-processing to generate both


without error or warning.

I still got the issue with the 2.8.0-alpha. Namely

$ gphelp -raw mseval|grep Hom
<snip> @[startlword]Hom@[endlword] <snip>

And as far as I understand, @[startlword]Hom@[endlword] is intended to be
replaced by \Hom.

I don't understand what the problem is. It is the other way round, we
start from TeX and replace it by easily parsed markup for conversion to
other formats; in our case ASCII text, HTML and Plain Old Documentation (.pod).

@[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] is an arbitrary (La)TeX named operator
(think \DeclareMathOperator), whose MathML translation would simply be
<mi>BLAH</mi>. Our primitive raw-to-HTML translator gphtml just discards
the markers => BLAH (no markup whatsoever).

The markup format is not documented because we never thought anybody
else would use it but I can provide a complete dictionnary if needed.
(In fact, I would rename some of these first.)

  startword -> operator with identically named HTML entity (&subset;, \subset)
  startbc   -> calligraphic letter (\mathcal, &Ascr;)
  startbi   -> blackboard bold letter (\mathbb, &Aopf;)
  startbg   -> fraktur font letter (\mathfrak, &Afr;)
  startbod  -> boldface (\textbf, <b></b>)
  startcode -> code sample (~ \texttt, <code></code>)
  startit   -> underline (\textit, <em></em>)

Thanks Karim for taking the time to explain! I guess the semantic of @[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] is not clear for us. We want to perform conversion to ReST format (that includes latex mathematic formulas). The thing is that many of the BLAH in @[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] in PARI/GP documentation are already defined tex macros (e.g. \exp, \min, \max). In Sage, we used to make the simple substitution @[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] -> $BLAH$. And this used to work! It fails on the last releases since Hom and Frob are not macro in our latex setting.

I am just trying to improve our documentation parser (that will be part of the cypari project). For now, I just added special rules for Hom and Frob.