Karim Belabas on Sat, 06 Aug 2016 20:41:08 +0200

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GP reference cards

Dear all,

I have uploaded a new set of reference cards for GP at


About 250 new functions have beed added to the old refcard, which has
subsequently been split into five independent documents:

  refcard:      Basic GP (4 pages)
  refcard-nf:   Algebraic Number theory (2 pages)
  refcard-ell:  Elliptic curves (1 page)
  refcard-lfun: L-functions (1 page)
  refcard-mf:   Modular forms and modular symbols
[ the "Modular forms" branches have not yet been merged to 'master', nor
  to the refcard; so the last on is unfinished and less polished... ]

Some documents are unnecessarily cramped (esp. the last 2), but we are
expecting to add new functions shortly...

The idea is to have every function pertaining to a given topic on a
single very short document, allowing to quickly find the right function
to lookup in the manual. The current goal is to get everything in the
documents first, in a concise but hopefully readable form, then worry
about formatting.

N.B. All non-deprecated GP functions in 2.8.0 are mentioned in at least
one of the refcards with the single exception of lfunmfspec which does
not make much sense currently and will change once the various "Modular
Forms" branches are merged.

Comments welcome :-)


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