Vincent Delecroix on Tue, 02 Aug 2016 17:51:32 +0200

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Re: latex macro

On 02/08/16 10:49, Vincent Delecroix wrote:
On 02/08/16 10:42, Karim Belabas wrote:
* Vincent Delecroix [2016-08-02 16:02]:
Thanks Karim for taking the time to explain! I guess the semantic of
@[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] is not clear for us.

It justs means, "BLAH typeset as a mathematical function name".
The best general LaTeX translation would be

  @[startlword]BLAH@[endlword] => \operatorname{BLAH}

I guess ReST would accept that. (In TeX context, there's the problem of
entering / leaving math mode but I guess you already handle that ?)



P.S. Perhaps with a dictionary of predefined names: plain.tex defines
exactly 32 standard functions:

Will do that. Thanks.

For completness, three standard latex macros appear inside the startlword and endlword and are not from your list namely

@[startlword]Re@[endlword]     # letter-like symbol
@[startlword]Im@[endlword]     # letter-like symbol
@[startlword]sqrt@[endlword]   # latex extensible accent

(it does matter since \operatorname{sqrt} is ugly compared to \sqrt)