wraithx on Sun, 22 Jan 2017 21:52:56 +0100

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Re: Question on elliptic curve group orders...

On 1/22/2017 2:17 PM, Bill Allombert wrote:
On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 02:03:29PM -0600, wraithx@morpheus.net wrote:
Hello all,

I have some code that should work in Sage, but I don't have that installed.
I do have pari/gp installed.  Can someone help me convert the following code
so that I can run it in pari/gp?

     K = Mod(1,p);
     v = K*(4*s);
     u = K*(s^2-5);
     x = u^3;
     b = 4*x*v;
     a = (v-u)^3*(3*u+v);
     A = a/b-2;
     x = x/v^3;
     b = x^3 + A*x^2 + x;
     E = ellinit([0,b*A,0,b^2,0],K);

the others are similar except for
x,y = P.xy()
which is
[x,y] = P;


That worked perfectly!  Thanks for your help.

-David C.