wraithx on Sun, 22 Jan 2017 22:50:24 +0100

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Question on printing a matrix...

Is there a way to print a matrix that looks as nice as when you view it on the gp command line?

For example, if I do:
(15:43) gp > a=factor(12)
%13 =
[2 2]

[3 1]

(15:43) gp > a
%14 =
[2 2]

[3 1]

(15:43) gp > print(a)
[2, 2; 3, 1]

I'd like to "print" that matrix and get the same output as just doing "a" on the command line. Is there a way to do this? For more information, I'll be doing this inside of a function. When I just put:
on its own line, I do not get any output on the screen.  When I do:
I get the output shown last above. I'd like to get the %14 output to happen inside that function. Is this possible?

-David C.