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Anonymous read-only GIT repository

First connection to the GIT repository

You first need to fetch a working copy.

PARI/GP: Type the following command from the shell

  git clone
This creates a local copy of the distribution from the distant repository in local directory pari, which you may move or rename as you wish. From now on, you can cd to this pari directory and use any git command directly, as long as you remain there, or in a subdirectory.

GP2C: Type the following command from the shell

  git clone

What can I do now ?

You can
  • build pari in the usual way (see INSTALL) as if this 'pari' directory had been created by fetching, then extracting, an archive on an FTP server.
  • update your local copy at any time using
      git pull
    which puts you in synch with the repository.
  • list all available development branches using
      git branch -a
    To checkout a specific branch, type
      git checkout branchname
    The two main branches are master (testing branch) and pari-2.7 (updates to old stable branch). Other branches are named after the developer who sent the initial patch and the proposed feature, and eventually merged into master.
  • create your own private branches: for instance, the following creates a local branch my-branch, starting from a copy of some-branch you found on our server.
      git checkout origin/some-branch -b my-branch
    Of course, you can modify files in your copy and commit changes to your local branches. You can send the output of the relevant git diff command, to the pari-dev mailing list with a short description of what you have done. No need to subscribe to the mailing list to post, but it will allow you to follow the discussion!

On the other hand, you will not be able to commit directly your changes to our GIT repository using anonymous access: you need read-write access, which requires an account on our development machine.

Version tags and branches

Starting from version 2.0.17, official releases are 'tagged' so that all files pertaining to a given release can be simultaneously accessed without tracking version numbers. Tag names are pari-version e.g. pari-2.0.20 for 2.0.20. To fetch a specific version of pari (2.0.17 or more recent), type for instance

  git checkout pari-2.0.20
The branch pari-2.5 denotes the stable branch 2.5.* as a whole, and can be used to checkout up to date sources from that branch in between releases. For instance:
  git checkout pari-2.5
produces the latest stable distribution with all relevant patches (the ones not affecting stability) backported.

Tips and Caveats

  • git diff gives you the difference between your local copy and the sources they were based on, not with the current state of the testing branch on the PARI repository. Use git diff master for that.
  • To see the log message associated to the last commit leading to the current state of your local repository, type git show. You may add a file or directory name to get the log message for the last commit which modified it.

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