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Download PARI/GP

If you intend to compile PARI/GP from a source distribution, make sure the GNU MP and GNU readline libraries are already installed on your system. They are not mandatory but make the gp calculator respectively faster and more user-friendly. (See the Extras section for details.)

Note: some browsers will silently gunzip the downloaded files, and save the .tar, whose size and checksums will be different.


You may also want to download some Optional Packages.

Source distributions

2.7.5 2015-11-09
Snapshots from our GIT server are also available, corresponding to the above versions with all current patches applied.

Windows, binary distributions

Self-installing distributions for Windows

This one should work for most users, try it first.

  • Stable 32-bit version: Pari32-2-7-5.exe,  76400 KBy, Oct 26 10:07:45 2015
    md5sum: e5e6a5e3c4e35dfafd7e384e26adf38b Pari32-2-7-5.exe
  • Stable 64-bit version: Pari64-2-7-5.exe,  77280 KBy, Oct 26 10:12:14 2015
    md5sum: c896482c018e2a7d8376edadd54c7674 Pari64-2-7-5.exe

Basic GP binary for Windows

These are basic barebones GP binaries, without online help, built with or without readline. Optional packages are not included either, although they can be downloaded separately later. Binaries compiled for XP/Vista and 7/8 are available; we advise to try them all then use the one that works best for you.

  • Stable 32-bit version for XP, Vista: gp32-2-7-5.exe,  4818 KBy, Nov 4 09:46:22 2015
    md5sum: 1c59854db03b26d4d0ddccc93290f052 gp32-2-7-5.exe
  • Stable 32-bit version for Windows 7, 8: gp32-readline-2-7-5.exe,  5238 KBy, Nov 4 09:46:46 2015
    md5sum: 747cb7b484701036a139490f2da51476 gp32-readline-2-7-5.exe
  • Stable 64-bit version for XP, Vista: gp64-2-7-5.exe,  6823 KBy, Nov 4 09:55:50 2015
    md5sum: cdd67eed21cdc3abff8ef6f7f079702e gp64-2-7-5.exe
  • Stable 64-bit version for Windows 7, 8: gp64-readline-2-7-5.exe,  7434 KBy, Nov 4 09:55:15 2015
    md5sum: dc01ab14c5fce6376f68c6815806a9ef gp64-readline-2-7-5.exe
Snapshots from our GIT server contain basic GP binaries built daily from the master branch.

Android, binary distributions


The GP to C compiler translates GP scripts to PARI programs.


  • The GNU readline library provides line editing under GP, an automatic context-dependent completion, and an editable history of commands.
  • The GNU MP library can be used as a replacement for the native multiprecision kernel. It is rather faster than the native kernel (benchmarks).
  • The PariEmacs package. Require PARI/GP-2.4.1 and up. GP can be run in an Emacs buffer, with all the obvious advantages if you are familiar with this editor. This package was developped alongside PARI/GP for a long time. It is now developped independently and must be downloaded separately. (In particular, PARI/GP and PariEmacs may be upgraded independently.)

  • perl (used by the gphelp script) provides extended online help (full text from this manual) about functions and concepts, which can be used under GP or independently.


The complete PARI/GP archive with older versions is available via HTTP or FTP.

PARI/GP Development
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