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User-Oriented resources for PARI/GP


  • gp running in an X terminal: [1], [2], (to be continued).
  • a gp session within texmacs

Front ends / Graphical User interfaces

  • SageMath (GPL) is a Python framework acting as a front-end for many mathematical software. Developped by William Stein and many others.
  • pari-jupyter a Jupyter kernel for PARI/GP, by Jeroen Demeyer, Vincent Delecroix and others.
  • GNU TeXmacs (GPL) is a powerful Wysiwyg editor, which can be used as a graphical frontend for computer algebra systems, in particular gp. Developped by Joris van der Hoeven and many others.
  • WIMS (WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server) allows you to work on mathematics interactively via the Internet. It heavily depends on GP.
  • Pari-TTY was a Windows-specific GUI for PARI, written by Gottfried Helms.
  • MathGUIde is Graphical User Interface for gp, based on Python, with a PARI plugin (Windows, Mac, Linux), written by Hartmut Ring. An ancestor PariGUIde is no longer maintained.

Development resources for PARI/GP



  • Ipad: How to get PARI/GP running on an iPad.


PARI/GP Development
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